Welcome Rug

If you are considering a welcome rug then you may be wondering what the benefits are. A welcome rug is much more than just a cute rug that is put at the front door. It serves a variety of functions and is a very handy household product. One of the biggest benefits is that it allows for people to save their flooring and carpeting from additional wear and tear. Flooring is one of the most expensive investments in a home and a simple welcome rug can really save a lot of wear and tear because people walking in can take off their shoes or clean their feet or shoes off before walking ahead, It can also help with avoiding getting dirt, mud, and other grime on the other areas of the house where it is harder to clean off. Welcome rugs are easily cleaned and some are even washer-friendly for convenient cleaning.

Another great benefit is that they can help prevent slips and falls. When coming from the rain or snow many people have slick feet and shoes. This is a recipe for disaster when walking onto a new surface. Welcome rugs are great for giving solid foundation before walking onto another tiles or other surfaces that may be slick or unsafe. Many have had these circumstances happen and a great rug can be a huge help. One cannot forget that a great welcome rug is also a good way to greet guests and show them you are friendly. Many find a welcome rug a nice way to be greeted at the door and to feel welcome at the house. They can also have cute sayings written on them or be in a style that is quite appealing and tasteful. People buying a new welcome rug will appreciate that there are tons of options and styles available to suit their own needs.

SEO Cambridge

Although many Cambridge businesses make a point of having a website not many of them are able to make them work – they are not able to use their sites to generate leads. If you find yourself in this position the likely reason is that you are not doing SEO, or if you are you aren’t doing it in the right way. It is very important to take SEO seriously – it is the only way you can get online visibility. The best way to gain Google domination is to work with the right SEO company. The problem is that there are so many in Cambridge that it can be hard for you to find one that you can work with. Here are some tips to guide you in your search:

• The best SEO companies already have a portfolio of successful clients; before you hire ask the company to give you a list of referrals and make sure to call them and find out whether they are happy with the services they are receiving.

• Never hire a company that promises you overnight results – SEO is a process and not a destination. Companies that make promises like these usually use black hat methods.

• You should be looking for a company that has worked with businesses that are similar to yours. This tells you that they have the necessary experience to make your SEO campaign a success.

• The best SEO companies will take the time to audit your website before they work with you so that they can determine what needs to be done. If a company dives right into a campaign before establishing the current status of your site you should probably not hire them.

One of the best SEO Cambridge providers is called A Head in the Cloud. They have a lot of experience working with small and medium sized companies and a track record for success.


Phycobiliproteins are an ingredient that is found mainly in red algae, and they come with many benefits. Red algae has been used by mankind for a long time – according to some accounts its use for health benefits dates back as far as 3000BC. Today, people can get phycobiliproteins by eating vegan sushi rolls, miso soup or directly eating seaweed. It is, however, hard to eat enough quantities of these for them to be helpful to the body in any way and that is why people choose to take phycobiliproteins in supplement form. Here are some of its benefits:

• It is high in antioxidants which means that it can help prevent or slow the growth of some cancers. It is also great for the skin – some forms of it are made specifically for skin application.

• It has plenty of vitamins and minerals and therefore can be used to prevent some illnesses and even cure some common ailments.

• Phycobiliproteins are great for improving cirtculation – if you have a cardiac condition you should incorporate them into your diet for better health. It is also excellent for lowering cholesterol levels.

• If your family has a history of diabetes phycobiliproteins may help you avoid it since it is very good when it comes to controlling high blood sugar.

• It is a great source of fibre, but if you are taking it for this reason you are better off eating red seaweed itself.

• The calcium in phycobiliproteins helps with bone health especially for the elderly.

You can get your phycobiliproteins supplements from Europa Bioproducts. Their supplements are all of very high quality and they are highly affordable. Apart from phycobiliproteins supplements, they also have a wide variety of others, from vitamins and minerals to more complex ones. You can find out more on http://www.europa-bioproducts.com/.

Marketing Ideas for Bars

Many bar owners, especially those who have been in business for more than a few years, tend to get so stuck in their routines that they forget all about promotions. If you cannot remember the last time that you actively marketed your bar it is high time that you did a campaign. There are plenty of things you can do to revive your brand. Here are a few of them:

Use social media

There is no better way to get people’s attention than to get them on social media. You should have a Facebook and Twitter account for your bar that is all about promotions. Post about Happy Hour, parties, new cocktails and anything else that is going on in your bar. To entice them to come in let them know that if they buy a drink and show you the post that led them to your bar they will get a second one free.

Get the ladies to come in…

Ladies night was invented for a reason, but yours doesn’t have to be so cliché. You can have special nights where ladies are the centre of attention – have a Sexy Red Dress night, for example, or Hot High Heels night and make sure to announce it on your social media. Men will go where the ladies are…

Name drinks after local celebrities

Communities love their celebrities and you can exploit this by naming cool new drinks after them. During Happy Hour have a special offer on these drinks. The word will soon get around and you will find that you have more patrons in your bar.

Hire a PR company

A PR company like Quite Great! can do a lot for your bar – they have lots of experience with branding and their ideas have been known to enjoy great success.

Taxi Airport

If you will be arriving at Stansted airport you will need transportation to your destination. Many people choose to flag down a taxi when they land but this is risky; you don’t know who may pick you up and you have no idea whether or not you can rely on them. The best thing to do is to book a taxi in advance from a trusted taxi company. There are, however, many taxi companies in Stansted so you have to choose carefully. The most important thing is that you ride safely. Look into the background of the company to find out if they have a history of accidents. If you find more than a couple of incidents it is best to keep looking.

The other thing you should take into account is cost. There are some taxis that are extremely expensive especially if the driver realizes that you are from another country and may not be familiar with taxi costs in the UK. You are better off booking a taxi through a company that has a website with a fare counter – this way you just plug in your destination and you can know in advance how much you will spend. If you will have a child with you you can ask the taxi company to send you a cab that has a car seat – some of the best companies have car seats in their offices for just this reason.

You want a taxi company that is punctual. The last thing you want is to arrive jetlagged at Stansted and then have to wait for your pick-up. Look online to see whether there are complaints of lateness from previous customers.

Good taxi companies make sure that their drivers are as helpful as possible. They will help clients with luggage when they pick them up and they can even provide information about the city such as the best restaurants, where to get dry cleaning done, where to shop and so on. These drivers are also familiar with the city so that if they encounter traffic they can take alternative routes or shortcuts in case you are late.

One of the most reliable airport taxi companies is Style Taxis. They are available for pickups 24 hours a day every day so long as you make an advance booking. You can calculate your fare in advance on their website, and their drivers are all professional and well trained.

Hug rug

Looking for a great door mat for your home? Then try taking a look at the hug rug.  All door mats are not created equal, and the hug rug is proof that with a little more effort made during manufacturing, and the use of higher quality door mat.  Not a lot of people give their door mats a second’s thought, but you really should.  Not only will a quality door mat like a hug rug help to keep dirt and other undesirable things out of your home, it’s also one of the first things that people see when they come to your door.  Obviously you want to make a good first impression on visitors to your home, and you also want to keep as much dirt and grime out of your house as possible.  So instead of buying a plain, ordinary looking, and poor quality door mat, you should get a hug rug instead.

What makes a hug rug unique? First of all it’s made to last.  The base is a non slip rubber which is then covered in micro fibers that are mixed with cotton to help capture up to 95% of the dirt that it comes into contact with.  That’s virtually all of the dirt that would normally be tracked into your home trapped bya hug rug.  What happens when your hug rug gets dirty and needs cleaned? It’s simple you throw it in the washer since it is perfectly safe to do so.  When the day does finally come when you have to replace your hug rug you’ll be happy to hear that a hug rug is 100% recyclable.  If you want a great door mat that will trap most of the dirt that it comes into contacct with, and will last you for years to come, then you need a hug rug.

What A Core Temp Gadget Can Tell You About Your Health


One of the most neglected aspects of health in today’s age of modern medicine is the lack of attention that the heart gets as it pertains to regular monitoring. Regular monitoring is incredibly important if you want to make sure that you know everything that is going on in your body at all times. The heart tells you information about more than just itself. It tells you about a bevy of other conditions that can produce serious health complications in the future. Therefore, if you care about your health, it is imperative that you use something that can tell you information about your core temp. Thankfully, there has been several great core temp gadgets that have hit the open market.

What A Core Temp Gadget Can Tell You

  • Partial Pressure of Blood Oxygen
  • Heart Rate Changes
  • Responses to Stress and Other Activities

Partial Pressure of Blood Oxygen

This is just a fancy term that means what is your blood oxygen level. This metric is presented in the form of a percentage. A percentile score of one hundred percent is the maximum. A score in the low 90s and below is indicative of major physiological problems that can occur in the body.

Heart Rate Changes

Heart rate is one of the most basic health metrics, but also one of the most telling. Heart rates outside the normal range are indicative of a problem that needs immediate attention to resolve itself without life-threatening risks.

Responses to Stress and Other Activities

One of the most key pieces of information that a core temp gadget obtains is a person’s response to a multitude of different life situation. This allows for behavioral therapy to be stacked upon medical science for the most effective treatment possible.


There are so many things that a core temp gadget can tell you about your health. However, the most important factors are ones that are considered to be more vital than the others. These large factors, such as partial pressure of blood oxygen, can be the first step in the diagnosis of a health problem. They also serve as indicators of when to seek treatment before it’s too late. It is recommended that everyone who is serious about their health to invest in a core temp gadget so that one can always be on the safe side. As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry.


Dartington Crystal Vase

Having flowers in your home is a great way to add life and colour to different rooms, and the vase that you place them in makes a difference as well. There are all kinds of vases available in the market, but if you choose carefully you will find vases that do more for your flowers than you can ever imagine. One way to go is crystal vases. These are vases that are made of a special kind of glass that is reinforced with special additives to make it stronger. The added strength means that vases are made thinner and look a lot more elegant.

Crystal vases have long been a decorative choice for many homeowners. While it is true that they are more expensive than ordinary vases they are worth every penny you pay for them. The additives in the glass give them more clarity making your flowers stand out in whatever room you place them in. In fact, you may find that you do not have to purchase expensive and exotic flowers if you have these kinds of vases – they tend to bring about the best out of any kind of bouquet they hold.

Crystal vases are a good choice because they last. You know how you have to deal with chinks and cracks in ordinary vases? You will not have to if you choose crystal. These vases are made to last, and so long as you take reasonable care – don’t go crashing them to the floor or banging them into walls – you can expect yours to last.

Dartington crystal vases are one brand that is loved by many. They have many different designs that you can choose from and you can be sure that whatever your decor you will find something that will add light and elegance to any room.

Navy Wedges

Wedges are one of those shoe designs that will never go out of style – they have been with use for decades and every year there are new designs that look better than the ones that came before them. Navy wedges are particularly popular because their colour allows them to be worn with whatever you please – you can don them with your jeans for a casual Saturday out, you can wear them to an outdoor evening event and you can even wear them to the office on casual Fridays.

Wedges are great because they give you added height – the heel is designed to be comfortable and they also give you a fuller looking figure. When you are buying navy wedges, however, you should be careful because not all of them are made the same. For starters, you should check the material that the wedge is made out of – there are some that are made out of hard materials that are very uncomfortable if you have to stand or walk for a long time. The upper is also important – you should check to see that it doesn’t fade, otherwise your navy wedges will not remain navy for long.

Some people shy away from wedges because they assume that they all come in high heels. This is not the case at all. If you shop carefully you will find beautifully designed ones that have heels that are as short as an inch. If you aren’t a fan of high heels these are perfect for you. Don’t limit yourself to plain navy though – although there are many plain navy wedges that are beautiful there are variations that can give your wardrobe a boost.

Modish, the leading shoe retailer in Cambridge has a wonderful selection of navy wedges. Whether you like high or low heels, plain or busy designs, you can be sure that they have something for you. You can have a sneak preview on their website, http://www.modishonline.co.uk/.

Convertible soft top repair kit

Shoes need to be as comfortable as possible. Comfortable shoes allow people to move about freely so they do what they need to get done each day. A comfortable pair of shoes are typically made from materials that have some give to them when the person walks. Many people look for shoes that flexes as they walk. A good pair of shoes will have material that allows for room for their feet to expand. The right kind of material will also look great and should be easy to match with any outfit the person has on at the time. Many people want to have soft tops of their shoes that will not give them problems as they walk such as blisters. Should a problem with the material develop, it is best to look for ways to repair it that will make sure to decrease the problem and make it easy for the person to use the shoes again with a problem that  can cause pain and make it hard for them to walk around for any longer distances.

An Ideal Solution

A convertible soft top repair kit makes it easy to make any needed repairs at any time. Minor repairs can be made to shoes using this kind of kit. The advantage of using this kind of kit is that it is easy to carry it around. It is also easy to use it on other items the person may have on hand such as a purse or a wallet. A kit can be applied to various kind of materials that may need to be repaired. The use of this type of kit means that the person can have something in their purse that can be applied to many varied surfaces during the course of a single day. The soft top repair kit can easily repair any soft materials that are commonly used in shoes such as leather and suede. The instant repair glue used here is easy to pull out and then apply to the shoes for a great result. Many people are able to get their shoes fixed quickly and then move on with their day via this method.